Anyone ever use a MC3, 6, 8 to control a Roland sampler

I have a Roland sampler (SP-404A) with a 5 pin midi in jack. I want to trigger samples with my feet for live performance since I will be holding and playing a guitar. It looks like the Roland device will only communicate through note messages which seems strange to me. I was worried that I might have to resort to a midi organ device, but I understand one (or maybe all 3) of the Morningstar devices will work. I’m only looking to make program changes (trigger the actual patch/sound) on the midi. I’m not looking to change any individual parameters. I’m not even sure that’s possible on the SP-404A. Anyway, the SP-404A has 5 banks of 12 patches each. I only need to trigger the 12 patches in Bank A and about 6 patches in Bank B.

So, my questions are: Is anyone currently doing something like this? Is there a reason why I should spend the additional $ for the MC8 or MC6 given what I’m trying to accomplish?

Many thanks for any help/advice.



Here’s some additional info that Roland sent me regarding mapping from a midi pedal board to the Roland sampler. I hope this will be helpful…

From Roland: " The SP-404A/SX will only recognize MIDI if the external device sends MIDI Note Datai.e.- B2-A#3 (piano roll).

Each of the pads on the SP-404A/SX are mapped to Note value, ***not CC#.***To trigger samples on Bank A, send notes B2-A#3 on MIDI channel 1. B2 will trigger Pad 1, C2 will trigger Pad 2, C#2 will trigger Pad 3, and so on."

So, will each Morningstar device allow me to map in this fashion to the Roland in order to trigger specific pads in specific banks? Thanks again. Sorry, I’m a newbie at this.

Should be easy enough. MC can send MIDI notes. You can use the web editor offline to get a flavour of what’s possible:

And worth a read of the manuals too eg

I only use my MC to send CC but I’m sure others on here will be sending note info and will addd their comments!

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In terms of which MC to buy…. The MC also uses banks. Within a bank you can have one or more presets which map to a foot switch.

BUT because of the way it’s designed that’s not as limiting as “you can only send one command per switch”. There’s also loads of ways to eg send Note 1 when you press, send note 2 when you double tap, and loads of options like that.

My guess is that MC3 would suffice BUT if you spare the coin then the MC6 is going to give you more switches which you may need if you start adding more gear!

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Thanks so much for Colin for your advice on the Morningstar midi device! I’m going to go with the MC6.