Any way to display the number sent during PC scroll?

It would be nice if the program number you scroll to on increment/decrement was displayed next to the preset name or somewhere Is this possible and I’m just missing how?.

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Yes there is such a feature. More info here:

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Oh cool, I think I actually remember seeing it at some point. So hard to keep all the user manuals in my head! Thanks for the quick answer. One other thing, is there support for any special characters like directional arrows?

No support for that yet, what you can do now is just < > or ^. We’ll explore some possibilities, likely via placeholders as well.

This is amazing! Exactly what I was looking for. There definitely needs to be a video showing off this feature for Meris, Chase Bliss, small box Strymon, etc.

I couldn’t agree more when you say PC scroll I don’t even know what you mean so everything after that is moot to my brain.

It would be nice to be able to make it say little messages in text scrolling in my bank/preset when I tap on it I’d like to get a little feedback because I lose which toggle I am on and what my commands are on which switch.

Like I’d like to be able to press and go to bank 3 which is my looper page and then scroll a message like midi started.

I’m not even sure what’s wrong short of looking at the diagnostic page. I’ve sold old and got new pedals so I might as well start from scratch but for me just fixing my mind on a navigation method that is uniform and easy to remember is the hardest part

Midi Program Change (PC) scroll is an action available in the message types in the editor. It lets you count up or down through PC messages that you send to pedals that have presets. The %E[slot number] is what you type in the preset name area so that it shows you what number you are on. Hope that helps.

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