Any way to DISABLE the MC6 Pro from being controlled by keystrokes?

Hi all
As per the post subject, is there any way to prevent the MC6 Pro from being controllable via keystrokes? I have a Luminite M1 MIDI device connected to my MC6 Pro Host port and two of my M1 patches send Keyboard Up and Down commands through to my iPad for page turns. However, these Keyboard Up/Down are also changing banks on my MC6 Pro and I don’t want this.

Is there a way to stop this from happening? There doesn’t seem to be a way to block or filter anything at all on the MC6 Pro, which is a bit frustrating.

  1. Identify what MIDI channel the keystroke messages are being sent on.
  2. Set your MC6 PRO to a MIDI channel that is not that.

Unfortunately, keystrokes aren’t sent on specific MIDI channels from any device i.e. they must use some form of “universal” comms or protocol and so there’s no way to block/filter/rechannelize them via MIDI. Even the MC6 Pro doesn’t use a specific MIDI channel when configuring keystrokes for presets.

Understood. If you are using the MC6 PRO to control the M1, could you move the MC6 PRO upstream and place it before the M1 in your MIDI chain? That way the MC6 PRO will not be affected by messages from the M1. However, if you need to use the M1 to control the MC6 PRO, then this is not feasible.

That was a good thought, Brandon, but it wasn’t quite feasible with my particular setup.

I’ve decided just to go with using a USB Hub and connecting both devices to my iPad or Mac with this method instead. It’s not quite as streamlined but it gets the job done.

Thanks so much for the suggestions, though! I hadn’t thought of changing the device order in the MIDI stream and will keep that in mind for any future conundrums :wink:

Have you tried the version of the firmware without keyboard support?

A keyboard connected to the USB Host port on the MC6P will trigger the functions (A for Preset A, Up for bank up etc). There isn’t a way to disable this yet. You can email us for a custom firmware and we can disable this in the code for you.

Wow, that’s service!

Thanks so much, @james. Email request sent :slight_smile: