Any idea whether my MC6 will work with an Electro Harmonix or Ditto looper?

The 1440 Stereo Looper by Electro Harmonix says it has “loop synchronisation to external clock”

Besides not knowing whether that means I can control anything else, I also wanted the smallest looper I could find then use the MC6 for the buttons.

I can’t seem to find anything. Perhaps I should just try Logic Pro’s Live Loops though, despite being called Live Loops they’re not great for actually performing live.

I think the smallest looper you will find that works well with EXT MIDI would be something like the PigtroniX Infinity looper. I tried the BOSS MC5 - the form factor was perfect, but their MIDI implimentation is poorly documented - If Boss can improve their EXT MIDI implimentation with a firmware update, I will reconsider.
I am currently using my MC8 with an HX Stomp. It has a looper that can be externally controlled (but is only 30 seconds of stereo looping / 60n in mono) which I do find a little limiting (and it only does one loop - no saving), but since I am new to looping, it will do for now