Any chance for an MC6 with jacks like the MC3?

So I love my MC3 more than I expected. I’ve bought a couple more midi controllers since. I’d like to have some more switches and it turns out I have room for an MC6. One thing I love about the Mc3 is all of the 1/8 in jacks and I’m just wondering if there’s any plans to bring this to the MC6 in the future? It seems like the next logical step to me, and I hate to invest in the midi hub I need to run the MC6 if this is an innovation on the horizon.

Hi. In the next firmware update, the MC6 will be able to send MIDI out through its 1/4 inch TRS ports too. We have no plans on adding 1/8 inch TRS ports to the MC6 at the moment.

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Okay thank you for the response. I’m trying to figure out a way to use the MC6 with my Source Audio Ventris and two Chase Bliss Audio pedals. The CBA have 1/4 in for midi and the Ventris midi 5 pin. If I get the midi box by cba will I be able to send send messages not only from the 1/4 in outputs but also the midi thru on the midi box to the Ventris? I’m confused how I would connect all three of these pedals correctly to the mc6 otherwise.
Thank you

You are precisely correct. Alternatively, if you don’t need to use the two 1/4 inch ports on the MC6 for an exp pedal or aux switches, you can use them to connect directly to your 2 CBA pedals after the next 3.8 firmware update.

Hey Brandon! Following up on this…do you still need a neuro hub to control source audio pedals or can you just go from 1/4" TRS to 3.5mm TRS directly from the MC6?

While we’re at it…wondering the same for chase bliss brothers, which uses 1/4" TRS midi I believe

The Source Audio Neurohub is a completely different system and is proprietary as far as we know. You may want to confirm that with Source Audio themselves. Yes, you can connect directly to Chase Bliss pedals with our TRS MIDI outputs. We explained in this video here: