Any benefit of having two expression pedals?

Hi guys,

Is there any benefit of having two expression pedals with a mc8/6?

My device is coming soon and I’m not sure whether to buy one or two…

That is really up to you and what you want to use the expression pedal for. A common setup is to have one dedicated to volume and the other to effects, often a wah (but you could assign it to different effects depending on the preset you use). You could get a more creative and use each of them for a distinct parameter of the same effect, e.g. one for the blend and one for the time values of a delay. It also depends a lot on what pedals you have at your disposal and what parameters they allow you to set via MIDI expression.

Thanks afranke. I have alot of plugins on my macbook so based off what you are saying here I do think the extra pedal will give me more versatility. Also what you mention about volume, that could be interesting performing live to help give the performance extra “Umph” at times etc. although I’m sure that could be programmed with switches too the pedal would give more dynamic control… THANKS for helping me work through that!

Volume itself is indeed often underrated and can be used in many ways. The most important one to me, is to mute my rig while I’m not playing and handling my instrument (like when talking to the audience or when switching guitars), but you can also use it for instance for dynamics (quieter or louder parts, fadein/fadeout…) or for swells (which coupled with delays and reverbs can give you awesome ambient sounds).

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I use one for volumes, the other for different effects. I can also dive into a “menu” and assign them to different things. Great for performance!

I use up to 4 in some situations. 1, Morph, 2, Wah, 3, Volume, 4, 2nd variable morph or pitch shift.

I previously used two really BIG Boss EV-10 expression pedals, one dedicated to volume, but downsized with the MC8 to one compact Dunlop pedal. Of course your feet are still the same size, so you have to leave room or your foot will hit other pedals. So it’s extra effects control vs. space.

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