Any approach to send midi commands based on expression pedal position / range?

Hey - first post here, I’ve done some scouring but couldn’t find anything related to what I’m hoping to achieve.

Alongside the obvious loop switching and pinging out MIDI messages to other guitar pedals, I use my MC6 Pro to send MIDI messages to a DMX controller - this effectively creates a light show based on each bank and as I engage different pedals, the lights do different things. It’s been a game-changer.

My aim is to be able to use an expression pedal and based on it’s position, I’d like to send different MIDI commands to my DMX controller. The idea being that between 0-25% the lights would receive a signal making them dim, 26-50% could send a message to toggle a brighter DMX scene, 51-75% might switch to a new chase or scene again whilst toe-ing down on the expression would maybe send a command to make the lasers come on and trigger a smoke machine so I can melt faces during a solo.

Has anybody done anything similar / are these sorts of actions possible via the Morningstar editor?

you can program messages for toe/heel down.
Might be possible to route the outgoing midi from the expression preset back to the mc and then using the midi converter to change those messages.

I’m not 100% sure if this is what you meant , but you can press a switch and send a CC message with a CC value that is defined by your expression pedal position.