Announcements only on Facebook ? Really?

OK, so sorry in advance for being that guy but I really don’t understand nor do I like the way announcements about new firmwares (incl. betas) are only posted on the Facebook group.

Using Facebook should be a last resort way of communication when your own website is down IMO, being forced to go to there is not something users should have to do. I use Facebook only when I really have to and I guess I am not alone. Think about it, some users went the extra mile registering on your forum and the latests news aren’t even there. Why ?

Just my 2 cents…


Thanks for the feedback! We see the beta firmware updates as something more “casual” and not something ready for public release yet, and hence I don’t post any updates about the beta firmware here until it is stable. But I agree with you - we definitely should post more content here.

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I did post this though, cos I was really excited about this feature :joy:

Hi James,

I agree, I don’t use Facebook. A place on the Forum like “Beta Announcements” would be welcomed.

I already get the Forum summary weekly, seems a good way to get the word out to those of us who for many different reasons don’t use Facebook.

Thanks for listening!

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And we really appreciate the feedback. Thanks so much!