Analog Rytm dont start/stop properly on real time messages

This is my first post here. I have an Elektron Analog Rytm mkii (and some other elektron machines) and a Morningstar 6 mkii. I simply want the MC6 to Start/Stop my AR. I programmed the MC6 via web editor to “Press” + “Real Time” + “Start” on A and “Press” + “Real Time” + “Stop” on B (I’ve even tried to make both “Start/Stop” on A as Position 1 + position 2. I changed the settings on AR to “Recieve transport change”. When i push my MC6 to start my AR do start but stops instantly, when I push my MC6 to stop, AR stops. Why isn’t my sequencer on my AR running?? I tried on another Elektron machine and the results were the same. Thanks for help.

Hi! Please post a screenshot of the whole preset? Sounds like your toggle settings might be wrong maybe

It might need to be receiving MIDI clock to play. So after your start message, try adding a MIDI clock message type to send MIDI clock at a certain BPM.


@james Thanks for help. but…how or why do I do that? I want my drum machine to be the master clock to other gears. I want my MC6 to function as start/stop only (and perhaps next step is to mute/unmute different sounds on AR).

In this screenshot, it is sending Start and Stop together at once. Have you tried removing the Stop message?

If you want start and stop to trigger on alternate presses, set Toggle Mode ON and set msg1 to position 1 and msg2 to position 2

i very much appreciate your help. Still not working

Ok, I removed “clock recieve” on AR and now it’s working. Thanks a lot. Next step is to mute/unmute sounds on AR.

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