An issue w/ my ML10X and two splitter cables for two mono pedals

I’ve got a new ML10X that I’m using with my MC6 Pro. Mostly things are working just fine, but I’m having one issue that I just can’t sort out.

I’ve got several stereo pedals and can switch among them (using my MC6 Pro to control my ML10X) to send stereo output to my DAW.

But It’s (my only) two mono pedals that I’m having an issue with: Squish As, and Chase Bliss Blooper.

The issue: To start, at least, I want to have a separate preset for each pedal. Currently, selecting the Squish As (only) preset works fine, but selecting the Blooper (only) preset not only enables the Blooper, but, unfortunately, also enables the Squish As – which I don’t want.

My input to the ML10X is a TS cable from my guitar. (Output from the ML10X is a TRS-to-two-TS splitter cable.) For cabling the Squish As and Blooper, I’m using the approach described here, with two TRS-to-two-TS splitter cables.

Here are the relevant ML10X controller settings:


And the two ML10X presets:



(I’m using the Advanced Mode so I can split the pedals’ output to L and R for my DAW. And also because for next steps, I’ll want to build more complex presets using both mono and stereo pedals.)

On the MC6 Pro side, I’m using two ML10X/Select Preset messages to control the ML10X. (If I leave the ML10X USB-connected to Web editor, the Web editor UI highlights whichever preset I select in the MC6 Pro.) This all works fine for my stereo pedals.

Any suggestions on how I can have a Blooper-only preset that doesn’t also select the Squish As?

Update: I figured it out. All I needed to do was to switch the Blooper’s input from Input Tip to Input Ring.


(I had tried this previously but due to the way I had Blooper set up, I wasn’t getting any output. My error…)