Amplitube Global Preset Switching on MC6 Pro

I’ve been struggling to get this to work for days, and I’ve finally got it to work!

For those of you scratching your heads over how to make the global preset switching work in Amplitube, hopefully this saves you some pain.

You need to send TWO control changes to make it function correctly, as for some stupid reason Amplitube will ignore all subsequent CC values sent unless you zero the previous one first.

So you need to send one CC message with a value of 127 then another on the same CC number with a value of 0 immediately after. (see below example).

Then once you’ve programmed this into your Controller, use the midi Learn in Amplitube and it will finally start working!

There’s probably a technical name for this type of message. But I don’t know what it is since I’ve just been throwing stuff at the wall hoping that something would work!

@james is this something that would fit into the midi dictionary? Or is it limited to single messages only? Or have I just created a workaround for an already solved issue? :rofl:

Looks like this problem has been a thing for years, the IK forums have plenty of posts with no solutions from the mods over there. For the price of admission have to say their support has nothing on the responsiveness of the team here at Morningstar!

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A follow on from this post, for those playing at home and who might run into the same issues.

After getting presets working, I had been struggling with Amplitube “forgetting” midi assignments in between sessions, and even within a session.

MIDI learn assignments for “presets” and global controls are saved in the midi config section. I am still not sure whether it matters that you save the project or not - the documentation doesn’t seem to indicate that you do, but I have found it hit and miss whether these are there next session, so I save it at a project level as well. It’s working at the moment so I don’t want to mess with it to confirm just yet. Lol.

MIDI learn assignments for control of the models themselves (bypasses, knob tweaks etc) are saved at the preset level, but not automatically. After right clicking your pedal or control and mapping it, you need to then save that specific preset IMMEDIATELY.

The part that was causing me unending frustration, was that if if you switch to another preset when “testing” that the pedal is working as expected, it will work the first time, but when you jump between presets and back to the one you are working on, all of your midi assignments are lost. Which had me scratching my head as to what I was doing wrong. It would work, then suddenly not work. Huh?

This does make some sense when you think about it, it means you can have one “drive” switch per preset, but using a different combination of pedals on each preset that are affected. It mentions in the reasoning for preset level controls in the documentation, though the requirement for constant “saving” isn’t so clear in this setup part.

It’s just not very well documented, and the years of people supposedly running into this very issue on the IK forums have not led to them updating documentation or stickying this very simple solution on their forum, because PeterIK prefers to just delete posts and tell people to individually “contact support”, instead of actually providing a level service that is remotely close to commensurate with the stupid amount of money I have given them for the software…the cynical side of me thinks these issues are intentional to encourage people to spend more money on their crappy proprietary controller. /rant.

Anyway, another hurdle conquered. Keeping it here where it might be found by others to save a bit of time.

Though with the time I’ve stuffed around with Amplitube and their substandard support and documentation, I’m starting to consider looking elsewhere.

It’s certainly been enough to keep any thoughts of stumping up for Tonex at bay! So I guess I’m saving some money there. :rofl: