American Loopers Aux + MC3

Hi again from the midi newb

Just a few questions and advice seeking.

My goal is to have a 4 song setlist, 1 song per bank on the MC3. The presets in each bank would be sending messages to a Timeline and Big Sky. I have an 3 button Aux switch by American Loopers that I want to use the right & left switches to bank up/down Banks on the MC3 and the middle switch to act as a global tap tempo.

I’ve not used the new Setlist Manager yet. I guess my questions are -

Will this be possible to configure?
Where is my starting point to getting this set up?
Will I need to set the Aux switch to aux or fixed mode?

Thanks so much

Hi! You can do all of that, easy! Connect using a TRS cable. In global settings configure the omniport you connected it to as fixed switch custom, then assign the functions as you want. The more recent your firmware, the more options you’ll have here. I use bank change mode, toggle page and tap tempo on my EHX Triple. Works nicely, and means I can enable dual switch lock on the controller to avoid accidental bank changes!

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I guess I’m just not good at midi yet lol

So … I’m trying to use the Setlist Manager. My goal is to have 1 song per bank, with the presets in the bank controlling sections of the song.

How do i get each switch (A, B, C) to engage a specific preset on my Timeline and Big Sky?

Small update…but still something not right.

So, I have an “Enter Bank” set up for the Timeline and Big Sky to each return to presets 00A when I enter bank 1 on my MC3. The big sky does this no problem. But the Timeline enters preset 64A.
I have the program change entered as 0 on both pedals.

Any help?

Suggest using MIDI monitor to verify that the MC is actually sending what you think it’s sending! If that’s ok, and you’re sending the expected PC, then the problem will be with the pedal receiving it i.e. for some reason it’s not doing what the command being sent should do…

MIDI monitor shows Program Change of 0 going to both MIDI CH 1 and CH 2. That SHOULD send both the Timeline and Big Sky to 00A. The big sky gets there. The timeline goes to 64A

regarding the Timeline going to 64A when it receives a PC#0 message, that is because it is in Bank 1, not Bank 0. It must have received a CC#0 value 1 which causes it to change from Bank 0 to Bank 1.

You can find more info in the MIDI section in the Timeline manual

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Hi @moley6knipe,

Aux switches check.
TRS cable check.
Set switches to fixed switch custom check.

Where do I make the assigns in the editor?

For fixed switch? Just go to global settings

I think I’m missing a step here. In global settings, on the MC8 unit, I set a port to fixed switch custom. I save my changes on the MC8. Then I hook up the MC8 to the editor in order to specify what the switches will do globally. Where, in the editor software, is this set?

In Global Settings. You can do all setup and configuration of the MC8 from the editor without needing to use the on screen menus on the MC (well, apart from
calibrating expression pedals, that can only be done directly on the MC itself)

Is there a way to assign global messages?

I want a double click on the aux switch to do the same thing, no matter what bank/preset the MC3 is on

ANSWER to my question:
In the software editor go to → Controller Settings → Configure Omniports → choose an expression port → Fixed Switch Custom (from drop down menu) → then the three Expression Port Switch options become availible.

If what you want said pedal to do is not an option on the Fixed Switch Custom options, you can program a switch on Page 2 (D, E, or F) and then copy that to every bank. Can then make them do whatever you want but you lose that second page of presets per bank

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