American Loopers AUX (3 switch) - how to use as additional presets?

I can’t seem to figure out how to use this 3-switch AUX box as a “sidecar”. I’m hoping to just use it as 3 additional presets (even fixed presets would be fine) with an MC6 Pro…

For those unfamiliar, this is a 3-switch unit that uses a TRS cable. How can I configure the MC6 Pro so I can just assign actions to these switches as if they were just additional presets (fixed or per-bank)?

I see “fixed switch custom” but there’s no option to just assign MIDI commands to the individual switches?

I do see all the other presets listed as targets, which would be ok if: Can a preset be triggered from a different page? For example, can I set up the last 3 presets on Page 4 (V, W, X) to be triggered by my AUX, and then trigger them while I’m still on Page 1 (example)? If so, that would likely be a fine workaround…

Am I missing how to do this in a better way?

Hey I just added this exact pedal for my second Aux switch! The omniports are tied to a specific 3 presets when using it set to “Aux Switch” depending which port you use so “Fixed Switch Custom” is probably your best bet. I use W and X (cause my third button I use for Tap Tempo which is one of the targets) but this means you’ll have to copy or program each banks last 3 presets for every bank. No matter what page you’re on in a bank, the Aux switches will control those 3 target presets of that same bank.

Sounds reasonable. I highly doubt I’ll ever need all four pages of any given bank, to tying the AUX to two or three specific presets per bank is no huge loss. I appreciate the input.

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I’m using two of those 3 switch Aux switches on my MC 6 Pro. I have mine on omniports 3 and 4 and configured as “Aux Switch” in the Controller Setttings. That automatically maps them to presets M through R.

I believe it would be functionally identical to configuring them as Fixed Switch Custom and choosing the same presets.

Pressing the buttons on the aux switches will trigger these presets regardless of what Page the MC6 Pro is currently on. In my case, if I move the MC6 Pro to page three the buttons on the MC6 Pro will do exactly the same thing as my six aux buttons.

There is no other way to assign MIDI commands directly to the aux switches.