Ambient MIDI Riser-Board


I’m in the last part of finishing my recent ambient MIDI controlled board with riser.
Underneath there is the Powersupply, an ML5 and the Comp/Gain/Drive Pedals. (DeepSix, JHS Superbolt, Morning Glory, Angry Charlie, Klon Clone, Fuzzbender)


Wow, I think the heavens will open, and gods and cherubs appear with the first note from this board!

Zoila! Woah, I want to play with that pedal soooo bad!

How are you using the GFI Specular Tempus and how does it compare with the Timeline?

The SpecularTempus is sitting between the Strymon Timeline and the Strymon BigSky.

Most of the time I use it as a reverb. (70’s Plate, Antishimmer, Spatium) - so for me it is more a competitor for the BigSky than for the Timeline.

At the moment I’m also starting to compare the delays of the SpecularTempus and the Timeline. I like the stereo image of the Tempus much better, but unfortunately you can only use one subdivision at a time. (Quarters, dotted eighths, etc.)

The combined modes don’t sound as good as the Timeline, unfortunately. (There I mainly use the DualDelay with quarters and dotted eighths panned hard left and right. - But unfortunately this does not come close to the Tempus - in my humble opinion).

I also had the single pedals Skylar and Orca there, but they have not fetched a midi clock and were unfortunately always offset by one or two BPM when I used the Tempus as a master clock (aux port).

If I would start over and still had none of the pedals I would currently get three of the SpecularTempus for the money and would be fine. - love that thing.