Alternative adapter cables?

I already own 2 of these great adapters sold on Morningstar’s store:

I need 2 more of these for new midi-controlled pedals I bought, but I’m realizing the shipping from morningstar to my country (usa) is over $20.

I hope it’s ok to ask here (and if it’s not, I’ll remove it), has anyone found a good adapter that I could get on Amazon or something?

Edit: or sweetwater?

Search for “3.5mm male to 1/4 Inch female TRS Adaptor cable”

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Hosa MHE-100.5 Right-angle 3.5mm TRS Male to 1/4 inch TRS Female Adapter Cable | Sweetwater

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Thanks! I’m still figuring this all out. Very helpful. :pray:

No adapters, but check ‘Tour Gear Designs’. They have some great TRS/2TS-cables in different length. Love them.
Very small plugs and very good quality.