[Alpha release] Web-based MIDI controller

The Morningstar Web-based MIDI Controller


is the web-based MIDI Controller (currently in Alpha release).

There were number of times I wish I could quickly program some MIDI messages to be sent out for some testing while on the computer. We’re building this to see how it can help further improve the workflow for users.

You can program your Presets as per normal

The preset interface is currently a watered down version of what you are used to in the MC editor. As a proof of concept, the message types are currently limited to PC, CC and Note. The dream would be to fully emulate a MC PRO in the future.

In Live mode, you can trigger the presets via button clicks. Press, Release, Long Press, Double tap etc.

You can also trigger them using a MIDI controller.
CC#0 value 0 emulates a Press for Preset A, and value 127 emulates a Release.
PC messages changes the banks.

Triple click a preset to quickly open up the editing interface

Select the input MIDI port (if you want to control it via MIDI) and output MIDI Port (to send MIDI out from).
If you are using the MC as a USB MIDI interface, be sure to enable the appropriate MIDI Thru functions.

Please note that:

  1. UI/UX still a work in progress
  2. Data is currently not persisted. Please save the data to your local storage before you close the tab/window.
  3. No Bank events yet
  4. No expression presets yet

If you do give this a go, let me know how it works for you!

The next steps would be to add

  1. MIDI Clock
  2. Waveform generators
  3. Sequencers
  4. Expression control
  5. Bank events

Pushed some updates today, data is now persisted across sessions so its more usable.

Also has its own URL now:


Interesting. I was using Max to do something similar. Will give it a try. Could see it being useful as a quick way to save / recall presets on Strymon or CBA pedals.