Allign Preset Name Bug

Hi, I have a bug on my MC8 when I set the “align preset name” function to “on”. If the “toggle mode” is active, the preset name is only displayed correctly for position 1. In position 2 the name jumps to the left. This happens in all banks, but only in preset “P”. I also noticed that if I leave the short name box blank, the display shows the letter “F”.

I did a factory reset. This won’t fix it. I’m currently on firmware 3_9_6

Thanks for reporting this. I was not able to replicate this in v3.9.6 and v3.9.7 though. Didn’t have the “F” showing in my Preset P as well when the short name is empty.

Can you try updating to the latest v3.9.7 and see if the issue still persists for you? If so, can you share your controller “all banks” data file? I’ll load it into my controller to test.

Ok, I updatet the MC8. Didn’t help.

Backup File:
Morningstar_Backup_06_01_22.json (1.5 MB)

A video to clarify the Problem:

(I apologize for the audio, I have a cold XD)

Also, it looks like the current Version of the desktop editor isn’t running on Win7? Or do I need an internet connection to run the editor?

Thanks for your support

Thanks for sharing the video. I just tested and yes, looks like a bug. Will look into it this week.

Hi! Just want to let you know that we have found the source of this bug and have fixed it. Will include it in the next minor update, should be released next week.

Thank you very much.