All pedals grouped into channel #1

I’m having issues with setting up some of my pedals with the MC6. I’ve updated the software and connected it to my laptop successfully. I then connected my Walrus Audio M1 to the MIDI out of the MC6. That pedal works fine on it but when I decided to add the Walrus Audio D1 after with the MIDI through, it didn’t recognize the pedal as its own channel. I would edit the presets and for some reason both the M1 and D1 only respond to MIDI channel 1, not separately as channel 1 and 2. Have I missed a step when setting up the MC6?

Welcome! Have you definitely set both pedals to unique MIDI channel numbers on the pedals themselves? Check MIDI monitor to verify that the expected MIDI channels and PC/CC etc are actually being sent from the MC.

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