All midi notes off

Is it possible to setup a all notes off message?

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not at the moment. what do you intend to use this for?

I’m currently attempting to replace my Keith Macmillan 12 step with the MC8.
Currently I can use the MC8 but the using note on/off messages can limit what I want to do. If there was a all notes off message I could goes from one sustained note to any other without having to program specific note off messages.

A second use is a all notes off message could act as a synth “panic button”

One other suggestion as well would be to change to note number drop down to show the actual note names rather than the number in the editor ( Or even better both number and note name Ie f#1 - 30)

I just found cc 123 that does this, however it doesn’t work with all synths

thanks for the info. I just checked and I’ve actually go this on my backlog. Will try to implement in v3.9 - not sure how well it will work yet (sending 127 midi messages all at one go)

The cc 123 needs only to be sent on one midi channel, not for all notes ???

Yeah, that is what I think to know from my good old days playing MIDI keyboard attached to an Atari ST as well: all note off command should work per midi channel, definitley does not need to be send per note…

I think OP was requesting for a Note Off message to be sent to all 128 Notes on a selected MIDI channel - something like a panic button to stop all the sounds.

This is it CC 120 made for this.

120 All Sound Off, immediate silence
121 Reset All Controllers, resets all instrument controllers to default value (including volume)
123 All Notes Off, releases all voices

Respected quite everywhere.