All in…MC8 with ML5!

Took me a couple days but finally finished up wiring and programming a couple spots on the MC8. Things were sounding pretty good if I may say so! Just need a few more hours of programming to get it all settled.

I will add a pic of the underside when I have more time.
Looking forward to getting my hands on the ML10X as well!


Hi, how are you using the Triple Switch on the right with the MC-8? It looks like you might use it for your core loops–ES, Syn, & Fuzz–and then add effects loops on top?

I’m basically using the Triple switch as an AUX switch.
In the pic, I was using the triple switch to cycle through pedal presets for the Echosystem and Synesthesia.
Oh and keep in mind my set up has changed since that picture. My new set up is as detailed below.
One switch for clean, one for tap tempo, and another for fuzz.
I use the mc8 to control pedals directly not as a per preset function so using an AUX switch frees up some mc8 switches.
Hope that helps…

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