[All Banks Backup enhancement]A little textbox before save just to document the reason why

Just 2 lines.
They could go in the json but also be saved in a Windows file properties field, just as music content is doing for albums, player, etc. (for Mac I don’t know the equivalence)
And a box before load just to remember why we did this backup.
What do you think ?

That might be a good idea. Will add into backlog.

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Added to staging: https://editor-mkii-staging.morningstar.io/


That’s working nicely James thanks… added text via Editor, saw the text as last element in json file/NP++, edited description element in json and reloaded in editor, saw changed text in editor.

There was no need to test editing the text I guess but I’m a business analyst so I prod things for a living :slight_smile:

Superb, nice addition!

@james - something I haven’t thought to check yet… does Setlist Manager allow entry / viewing of this newly added text? If not could it please?

Thanks for the suggestion - will add that in!

Thanks, may I suggest 2 other nice adds for bank saving :

  • another input for a suffix allowing difference between 2 Morningstar midi controllers of same type (no cost to add), see my exemple with -MC8-1 and MC8-2 added to file names (I must rename after each save actually :frowning: )
  • add the input description in the corresponding column for Windows (very easy to do), it will allow selecting file directly in file explorer before loading (just as is doing Cubase for audio files and all the media players)