[All Banks Backup enhancement]A little textbox before save just to document the reason why

Just 2 lines.
They could go in the json but also be saved in a Windows file properties field, just as music content is doing for albums, player, etc. (for Mac I don’t know the equivalence)
And a box before load just to remember why we did this backup.
What do you think ?

That might be a good idea. Will add into backlog.

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Added to staging: https://editor-mkii-staging.morningstar.io/


That’s working nicely James thanks… added text via Editor, saw the text as last element in json file/NP++, edited description element in json and reloaded in editor, saw changed text in editor.

There was no need to test editing the text I guess but I’m a business analyst so I prod things for a living :slight_smile:

Superb, nice addition!