Advanced mode feature idea

I use Advanced Mode for a stereo wet/dry rig, and also for a mono effects loop + dry setup depending on what gear I am lugging around. I reorder loops to move pedals in and out of the effects loop or the “wet” path, and turn effects on or off by excluding them or including their loop in the preset. This combination of things results in a lot of different presets needing to be managed (for every preset, I need to make one copy for stereo wet/dry and one for mono effects loop), and as I make changes to the routing, I sometimes have to repeat those changes in all the presets.

My idea to make this more manageable is essentially to create reusable “sub-presets” that can be included in a bunch of presets, and then edited in one place. Not a trivial feature to implement, but potentially pretty useful.

Thanks for sharing. I think I’ve got a vague idea on how this might be implemented. But yes, it is not trivial, and I’m not sure when we can prioritise this yet.