Adding actions to external footswitch / MC6

I’m wondering if it would be possible in the future to add additional ‘actions’ to an external footswitch (for example, allowing it to double press, long press, etc.).

One handy application would be to use a 1-button external switch for controlling banks - single press for bank up, double press for bank down, etc.

I’m using an MC6 on a tight pedalboard, and would love an easier way to switch banks - I find I occasionally hit A+B or A+C mid-song, throwing me off.

Thanks (and apologies if this has been addressed here already).

Hi Jay,
This is possible, if I’m reading right. Do you have a footswitch that’s not working?

Ah- you got me thinking. I was going about this the wrong way. I’d set the external switch as FixedSw1, rather than Aux.

Set up as Aux, I made a preset (G) with up/down, and then copied it to all banks. Presto!