Add 'Save Bank to File' and 'Load Bank from File' options into 'Edit Bank' tab on Web Editor

I use my MC6 Pro with an increasing collection of song-per-bank.json files and use the set list manager to create sets from these files.

Occasionally, when in the web editor, I tweak a song (update a preset, change tempo etc …) and would like the ability to save that updated bank json from within the web editor.

Currently to do this I’d need to:

  1. Export the controller settings from the web editor
  2. Disconnect from the web editor, open the setlist manager and import the settings
  3. Go to the desired bank and save to file

There is the option to save an individual preset from the we editor but I’d love the ability to load/save an entire bank from the ‘Edit Bank’ tab in the web editor.

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Thanks for the suggestion. This is currently done by using the Controller Backup tab. Then just click on Current Bank under Download your controller presets. This will save your current bank settings to a file.

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