Add "On Exit Page 1" and "On Exit Page 2" to Edit Bank "Event" Options--Or Somewhere...?

The subject line request is to address a problem I can’t seem to resolve without exiting the entire bank.

Iridium Bank
page 1: Presets of cabs and amps
Page 2: Expression-pedal-controlled parameters

If I go back to page 1 from page 2 my sensitive expression pedal is still controlling the last parameter it controlled on page 2. Accidentally moving it affects settings.

I guess I could toggle each of the parameter switches in page 2 to switch the pedal off, but that’s adding another action that I will either remember or forget–I like less complicated.

Having the option to disengage the expression pedal upon exiting a “page” instead of just the whole “bank,” would be a welcome future addition.