Add ML5 to Editor Midi Dictionary Favourites. How to?

How do I add the ML5 to favourites in editor window? My HX stomp added itself somehow but despite my having to set up multiple ML5 messages for every preset I have to manually seach for it in the midi dictionary every time, which is annoying.

You just need to checkbox it in the MIDI Dictionary and it will be added to your favorites:

Thank you. All done.
Jut another quick question.
When I change presets on my MC6Pro and engage a new loop, any loops left open from the previous preset remain open.
As it stands I have to program in one engaged loop and four bypass commands for every preset change. Is there an easier way. i.e. should I make the ML5 learn new program numbers for each preset?
Thank you.

Yes, you can do that by way of presets. The ML5 Learn mode is the best way to do that. Explained here: