Add delay to MC8 messages?

I’ve been hitting a problem with a plug-in, that seems to struggle with the speed that MC8 is hitting it with messages. The messages (e.g. CC23 Value 127… CC23 Value 0) are arriving with an identical timestamp, as far as the receiver can tell, and this is causing control messages to fail. This is not the fault of the MC8 from anything I can see.

I’ve managed to work around it, but it has caused me quite a lot of head-scratching, and my Presets are a bit of a compromise as a result.

Could I ask for it to be considered for a ‘delay between messages’ value to be added per-preset to fix this?

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There is a delay message type that you can use. Just go into the editor - in the message type drop down, you shld be able to find a Delay type there.


Thank you for responding.

I didn’t even consider the possibility of it being a message type, but it makes perfect sense. And yes, that’s solved the problem I was having.

The more I work with the MC8, the more impressed I am. What a great little problem solver this is!