Activating blocks in Helix LT with MC3

Can anyone help with Helix LT & a MC3?
I wish to be able to turn Helix LT blocks on and off as follows:

Button A - turn Phaser block on and off
Button B - turn Flanger block on and off
Button C - turn Flanger block on whilst depressed and off when released.

Can anyone help please?
With thanks in anticipation,

Welcome! Do you know what midi messages you need to send to engage/disengage those three blocks? List those out here and then can provide some guidance on how to do it.


Thank you for your reply mate, appreciate it.

I managed to get some information from Morningstar whereby it allowed the Helix ‘learn’ function to complete the process for me.

I may need some assistance though in getting the MC3 to switch banks with preset changes on the Helix.

Do you use a Helix?

Good stuff. No, don’t use a helix but the principles of presets and banks are pretty much the same idea for most device. Worth watching some of the YT vids from Morningstar, they cover a lot of getting started stuff. But of course post here for help if needed!