Action Type Press w/ Bank Jump

Hi James,

Not sure if this is by design or an oversight but when using the Bank Jump feature the “Press” action type works exactly like the “Release” action type and it will not jump banks until you remove your foot from the pedal. I am using the MC8 on firmware 3.7.4. Not sure if it was always like this or maybe just my unit, but I just noticed it now that I am using Bank Jumps more for the new send command feature.

Hi there!

This is actually by design. The Bank Jump executes right at the end. You can’t press to jump to a different bank and then execute all the release messages in the new bank - at least not right now.

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That is unfortunate because it makes the buttons seems less responsive when I am pressing them, which is how I noticed. This is most obvious when using the Bank Jump with command sends to change channels on an amplifier. Since you have the option for Press would it be possible to make it available? Since you also have a option for Release if users don’t like it they can decide to put it back. Appreciate your time.

Sure, we’ll take that into consideration and check the feasibility of that. Thanks for the feedback!