Action Button Uniqueness

I’m about to receive my MC6 and will use it with my HX Stomp and also with a Hughes and Kettner GM40. One question I have is which action buttons are unique in the sense that the same button can be used with a different type of action and be interpreted without delay or confusion.

For example, I want to use button A to toggle on/off snapshots with a press action on my hx stomp. But, additionally, I would like to also use button A with a long press to turn on/off the tuner on the hx stomp.

I’ve read the manual on actions and cannot quite tell if this is possible as the manual indicates a press will also be interpreted when using a long press.

Can anyone advise on which actions are unique such that the same button can be used with a separate action?

Yes you can. You’ll want to use a “Release” instead of Press and then you can use long press for something else. Heads up, Double Press adds a delay to that switch’s Press actions (MC6 waits to ensure the press is not a double press)


Have you seen the recently (ish) updated actions page?

The “Events” table is useful for answering this, I think!


Thank you, @cVarsity and @moley6knipe. I am doing my setup now and learning. I was easily able to get started with some initial presets in under 10 minutes. This little thing is going to replace my Behringer FCB 1010.

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