Acoustic overkill? Nah!

Here it is - my current acoustic rig. I’m experimenting with some big sounds hence the ambient focus of this collection of boxes.

MC6 is necessary as the brains of the operation, but I’ve still got a a lot of programming to do…!


Signal chain goes:

Tristan (that’s me) > LR Baggs Dual Source pickup > TRS lead > Sunnaudio MS-2 stereo preamp blender > Goodwood sum box to mono > Gamechanger Audio Plus > Boss SY1 > GFI Synesthesia > split into stereo > Microcosm > TimeLine > Mercury7.

It’s a lot of fun.


MXR tap provides tap tempo to Synesthesia, Microcosm and TimeLine on all banks and also a long press bank jumps to my home bank from any bank, except the home bank where it jumps to the last used bank.



Nice, neat, compact rig, and in a suit case! Very selective of you. I don’t think I could even squeeze my ambient rig into a steamer trunk.

I was recently inspired to begin playing ambient music and just added a Stratocaster to my acoustic guitar collection. My board is now split between electric and acoustic settings and I control most of it with my MC8. And you’re right, it does require a LOT of programming, but, like the choices you made for your compact board, for me most of the programming involves prioritization, like which of the dizzying array of Timeline and Big Sky presets and custom sets I’ll use.

Would you mind sharing some of your acoustic ambient tunes, or soundtracks you listen to, or both? As I delve into ambient music, I’m spending more time on the electric guitar and less on my acoustics. I’d love to hear how others are exploring the ambient soundscapes with acoustics.

At any rate, thanks for sharing and good luck with you programming!


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Haha! That’s not a suitcase - Schmidt Array SA60 custom board. I actually thought it was going to be too big before I realised I couldn’t live with the Microcosm :smile:

I don’t make ambient music as such, rather I love the ability to ‘enhance’ what’s already a lovely acoustic tone. For example:

I’m also messing around with some arranging of the late, great Vangelis for solo guitar. That’s a long off ready for sharing though!!


I mean couldn’t live WITHOUT the Microcosm!!

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Thanks for sharing the link to your music. You augment your beautiful acoustic artistry with the electronic embellishment of the pedals to excellent effect and expertly demonstrate that there is no dichotomy between acoustic and electric–there is only music where you find and make it.

One never knows where one will find inspiration! Note to self: “Handpicked from the Eighties” “Middle Child” and “You Just Know.” (the Atkins Diet??? :-))



what is that pre-amp?

Sunnaudio MS-2 blending preamp

What lovely sentiments. Thank you. So glad you appreciate my musical offerings!

Love seeing another plus pedal user!

Incidentally, if you are not using the dry out in your signal chain, it can be used as a tuner feed. Always on, and your “clean” signal is muted when “wet” is engaged.

I use it this way because my polytune mini is a bit of a tone-suck.