Acoustic Looping Board

I thought I would share the latest iteration of my board - hopefully it will give someone some ideas.

Signal chain is Fender Smolder—>Boss OC5–>HX Stomp—>FX loop stereo out —>Neunaber Serpahim—>Boss RC500–>Stereo FX loop return—>HX Stomp.

The dual foot switch above the looper does memory up and down on the RC500 and the Aux foot switch to the left of the MC6 are set for snapshots 1-3, with long presses for Tuner (on toggle) and other modes changes.

The MC6 has looper functions on bank 1, HX stomp presets on banks 2-3 and OnSong controls on Bank 4.
Bank 1 has looper mode on all switches except D which is used for bank up (press) and bank jump (long press).