Accessing Boss SY-200 Parameters Using MC6

Hi. My 2nd post to the forum. I have looked extensively for some information on trying to access certain functions within the Boss SY-200 synth pedal, using MIDI CC commands from my MC6.

I can already turn the pedal on and off using a simple “Press” action and a corresponding CC#27 message sent to the unit.

I can also select a preset using “Press” with a PC message.

However, trying to set various parameters such as E.Level or Resonance using CC# messages alone has so far resulted in…nothing. I’m very new to the MC6 so perhaps I’m not executing the correct messages here (using the Editor to do this).

Would anyone be able to advise how to do this? Boss documentation is pretty sparse…

I’d also like to know how to select a variation on an SY-200 preset – and how to use an EV30 expression pedal to successfully send MIDI expression information via the MC6 to the SY-200. Thanks in advance.

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You can assign a cc# to certain switches of the sy200. If you send a cc message with that number, you can activate whatever you’ve assigned to that switch on the sy.

also check this thread:

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Thanks for this, GW. I have also just been helped by updating the unit’s firmware which, according to Boss, addresses some issues with responses to control change messages sent to the unit. I can now set the E.Level for a preset, but still trying to figure out how to select a variation on a preset - it’s not clear to me, from the list shown in the manual page you’ve enclosed, which parameter applies to preset “variation”. I’ll keep testing with each of those listed parameters. Cheers :+1:

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