About the very recent images of futur MC8 Pro

Any ideas when the MC4 is likely to be released? I could do with one now :smiley:

Leave these hard working people alone. Lol. It’ll be ready when it’s ready. I swear this gets asked every other day. Q3… he said. That’s October-ish… There we go. Buy an MC3 in the meantime. :slight_smile:

Welcome @sixstringsensei. MC3 doesn’t get me where I need to go. It only has three switches and no dedicated midi in and out, like the MC4 will have and the Pirate Midi Bridge4 does. I would prefer to stay with Morningstar, too :wink:

The dedicated MIDI in and out is the one big thing that I wish the MC3 had. Oh, and a second omniport. I NEED extra switches so it’s a bummer I lose my expression input when I add a switch. Don’t get me wrong, I’m waiting for an MC4 as well. I put my MC3 on a bass board and I’m happy with it there… but my Stomp XL is now waiting for that MC4.

So are you saying that in any newly released MC6Pros you’ve lowered the value, or has this been addressed in Firmware upgrades?

It’s a resistor value change on the circuit board, not software.

Thnaks James, Is it a modification I can do? I’m out of warranty anyway.

Isn’t June close enough to Q3 ? :wink::pray:t3:
Any new conjectured MC8Pro release month or pre-order assumptions ? Thanks

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