About the very recent images of futur MC8 Pro

Excited to see this news! Hope the component shortage situation gets sorted out soon for you guys. It’s good to see the MC6 Pro back in stock.

Are you at a stage where you can share if the MC8 Pro will have the same or different connectivity compared to the MC6 Pro?

It’ll mostly be the same - but the relay ports will be 1/4" instead of 1/8"


I absolutely love my MC8 and it’s the cornerstone of my board. I’ve always meant to record a video on how I set mine up to run my board because I feel like I’ve got a relatively unique way of approaching it in a simple easy to use manner.

Can’t wait for the MC8 pro. I loved the MC6 Pro but didn’t buy it because I really rely on the extra 2 switches. so I’ve been holding out hoping an MC8 pro was in the plans.

Great seeing an idea of sizing too! I’d also prefer one big screen over 4 smaller ones. But I understand how that could not be feasible.

I’m sure you have a million people willing but if you need a beta tester to work through some thing for the MC8 I’d happily do it for you!

I’m looking forward to the MC8 Pro (and have figured out how to free up space for it on the front row of my board). It sounds like it will be a long time to wait.

In the meantime, it’s easy to add a double or triple switch (or more) via the Omniports.

Currently you can have 12 extra switches total using all 4 Omniports of the Pro (and the current Beta firmware for the MC6 Pro supports resistor ladders of up to 16 switches per omni port!)

External switches are about the same as any other switch except they have no display. I often map it to a preset that is on another page/offscreen. You can add extra text to the another preset’s label display to cover that. Something like this works for me: “<HOME< Boost” where the aux button to the left takes me to a home page. You can get even fancier by triggering actions that use the “rename preset” action.

Ya I already use an external switch with 2 switches in the Omniport.

James, I know it’s pretty early and there’s all kinds of supply issue so I would take nothing you said set in stone but do you have a rough idea of when you’re hoping to finalize and release the first batch?


Hey James,

Any progress updates or fun images to share? I’m just itching to buy one hahaha.

We just received a second sample for the enclosure. We shaved the width slightly, and now the switch spacing is the same as the MC6 PRO.

Waiting on the new LCD boards samples to arrive next week , and then the controller board samples hopefully in another 2 weeks.



MC4 Pro is a genius move.


MC4 Pro will be a big success, awesome switch amount/ screen ratio, great for smaller boards.

Wow - MC4 Pro! What would the width of the MC4 Pro be and would it have Midi in AND out? That plus the MC6 Pro woud be TEN! (or 12 with the MC8!)

It would be a fine compromise to only use 3.5mm TRS and have lots of I/O … assuming they could also do Midi In (perhaps with opto isolation).

If one port can handle up to 16 footswitches (resistive ladder feature in Beta), that opens up the other ports for other uses.

Yes we’ll have the standard DIN port for MIDI Out, and a 3.5mm MIDI IN port


Would this have the general info (e.g. BPM) on the lines in the middle so that this added to an MC6 Pro or MC8 Pro would have 10 or 12 switches and the master info that is "missing with the bigger, but awesome, individual displays on 6Pro/8Pro?

Also, could you daisy chain a 6Pro/8Pro and 4Pro (or any combo of 3 is what I am asking?)

Thanks so much!

Is it just a trick of the photo, or are the color strips on these MC8 Pro screens fatter (i.e. taller) than they are on the MC6 Pro? I find the color strips in the MC6 Pro to be so subtle (because they’re so thin) that they’re not very good at conveying information. The strips shown in this picture seem more prominent, and therefore easier to see and interpret. If they are fatter, I’d love to see a similar thickness be added to the strips on the MC6 Pro.

The screen is bigger so there’s more room to enlarge it

Yes there’ll be all the standard info displayed. More and larger LCDs on the MC8 PRO means we have more room to play around

Do you mean just passing MIDI messages through or having then working together as one integrated unit?
Currently, there is very minimal integration work done. If you connect 2 MC6 PROs together via USB (USB Host out to the other MC6P USB Device port), you can sync the bank changes between each unit. Not much requests in this aspect yet but we can further explore expanding on this.

Although larger, will the screens be the same resolution as MC6 Pro (i.e. bigger physical size but same number of pixels) or will they also be larger resolution?

I’m just excited!!! Looks awesome…

Yes, the resolution is higher as well

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