About the very recent images of futur MC8 Pro

Great to see the process is going on, but… very disappointed there is no place for a general purpose screen, one independent of the switches where we could display general info like a tempo, an expression pedal position, and ideally a global free-text title wider than each individual screens (ideally al the pedal with) with 2 or 3 lines of text. We already know the price of this MC8 Pro will be high, so a little more $ for this feature could be winner.

Thanks for the feedback. It’s just not economical for us to use one large LCD for this, or be able to add another screen but keep to the size. Like the MC6 PRO, the center portions of the screens will be used to display more info.

Perhaps there is some way for the user to choose fields are displayed which location on each of the displays.

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Feel free to hit me up if you need a beta tester. Happy to try and set it up like my MC6 Pro, especially if it helps avoid some of the issues I’ve run into with the 6 Pro recently!


Are the screes the same size as the MC6 Pro?

Also available for beta testing!

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Yes but doing so we miss global info. I can pay for this one line supplementary display.

Here’s a crazy idea.

GIve the MC6 the ability to send various info via sysex. Then an app on a phone or other device (connected by Widi BLE or usb or midi interface) can display that info however the user likes.

The pro is that you can add whatever size/type addon screen you want. The con is that it’s not built into the hardware, won’t be as robust, look as professional, etc.

I’d be happy to make the app if James thinks this will work and commits to adding the sysex.

Sorry but I am Not interested in one more box, and hours of complementary prog…
And unfortunately when I need to push some switch with my foot, my eyes look at this switch and in near area, so it is better to have a main display near the foot switches and near the local display of these switches.

Wait - where was this? I’ve not seen the images?

Edit - just found it!

We actually had something like this called “Live view” that we launched I think maybe in 2018: https://live-view.morningstar.io/

But usage wasn’t great. We started removing code in subsequent updates and disabled this.

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Hah! Going to have check live view out.

Better still from my perspective would be a stand alone screen that displays user selectable info via midi.
Separate product, that could be placed anywhere - board, amp, rack or studio console.
Not limited to being simply an extension but for any midi enabled setup.
There are some available but they’re kinda underwhelming for the cost.

I would use it to display…

  • Presets selected
  • BPM
  • Current Bank

The obvious extension to this would be multiple such screens to enable a duplication in a different place or a different set of user info.

It’s not lost on me that I’m pretty much sitting at my computer dreaming a bout the ideal setup and posting, in the hope that someone else will develop and build it… so I can have one :+1: :+1: :+1: :hugs:

IMO this could overflow midi buses and internal proc, an internal display would be far better as display code already exists.

Concerning the futur MC8 Pro, I also would expect a clean up of the actual API, especially concerning the usage of different input/output ports (usb 1,2,3,4, din, mini din) which is rather heavy to use because based on dedicated instructions to mask/enable the ports to block/use before and after sending midi instructions.
Where all this ports usage could be directly included in the send instructions as a new group, of parameters with default options in settings.
There is also the expression pedal settings which can’t be set up globally and must be repeated in each bank, what a great source of errors and headaches+time consuming…
A little disappointed that this clean up does not seem to have been done for MC6 Pro. Or I missed it, not using an MC6 pro.

What will be the approximate size of the MC8 Pro? Same height as the current MC8 but a bit wider (due to increased spacing between footswitches)?

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Would also really like to know size, even if only approximate, ty!

Not sure, but since James said the spacing of the buttons was the same as the MC6 Pro, it would be about 25.3 cm wide … assuming the margins on the two sides are the same as MC6 Pro. That’s a big iff.

Not sure about the height of the pedal.

Mockup in PedalPlayground preserving the switch spacing of the MC6 Pro:

And here’s what was posted in the the other thread. Suspect the displays are a bit larger?

Actually, the switch spacing is made slightly wider than the MC6 PRO, because of the larger LCDs we want to use, the overall width is also wider. Current width is at 277.8mm.

It is still early days and everything is, of course, still subjected to change.

Received our first enclosure sample today


That’s beautiful, but a tad too wide to fit on my board.

Time to make room…!

I understand that size could be a problem for some, but not for me. This is MC8 and it need to be wider.
I would even ask : could it be possible to have an extension port allowing to add 4 technical switches. Non programmable, dedicated fonctions only we could choose in settings : bank up, bank down, main song menu, main sound menu.
Other question : could we dedicate the 2 central display areas and have them acting as one sole display surface with text lines extending from Left to Right (or R to L for some languages) across the physical separator.
May be even replace these 2 central display areas by one larger that we could separate by software in 2 or one, this last being a large info pannel. With a programmazble fonction to switch 2 or 1 display mode ?