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Ok, goin’ a bit crazy trying to figure this out. Last night, I had my MC-6 pro working perfectly at home. I get to my gig and it will not send and MIDI signal to my hex, dd500, eq2, boss es-5 - nothing. But at home, everything was great. I’ve tried backup MIDI cables, even going direct into each MIDI pedal to make sure it wasn’t a cable or an individual pedal. The ONLY thing that ever worked was to hook my cheap Meloaudio MIDI controller and it would work fine, so I unplug the Meloaudio, re-connect the MC-6 pro and it works great the rest of the night. The thing is, it always works great at home, and it’s only on gigs that this happens. I’m not a newbie with MIDI and I’m good with understanding electronics. Sorry for the novel, but I figured it would help explain my frustration. The only thing that I can figure, is the MIDI signal needs to be amplified because of the multiple pedals; don’t know if they make a MIDI splitter that amplifies the signal…I play different venues each time and this happens every gig, but never at home. Maybe an exorcism? LOL. Love this group, been really helpful. Please and thank you, in advance.
…or maybe the es-5 is fighting it

Might be the DD. I have a RV 500 that will hang itself showing a ‘midi error’ if my MC 8 boots up after the RC. I’ve connected everything to a single power supply. Since the MC boots up faster than the RC the problem is solved