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Hi All
Just picked up a MC3 the other day ,works great so far as a simple switch to operate a Beatbuddy (master) , Boss RC5 looper and another slave Boss drum machine. Just want to see if there is a way I can use the MC3 to send a Midi message out to the beatbuddy to dis-engage the midi out ,so that I can operate/run the RC 5 looper independently of all midi clocks when needed.

I looked through the BeatBuddy manual and I didn’t find a way to switch MiDI out/thru/merge/ off via MIDI. Page 37 mentions the four choices of MIDI output but no mention of it being anything other than controled on the pedal’s switches menu.

That’s pretty common. Few pedals have midi commands that control the midi setup.

[FYI, this is probably not the right thread or forum to post “How to use midi on my specific, non-morningstar pedal”. This is the right place: MIDI Control - Morningstar User Forum]