About the MC3/6/8 and ML10X stock situation

HI James!
Can ML10X be designed with volume adjustment? It is convenient for the input connection of two musical instruments.

That’s not possible for this size and price. We omitted a lot of things that we could have added (like pre/post gain for each loop and phase inverters) so we can achieve the target price we want to sell at. We’ll explore a larger (and more expensive) version where these features can be added.

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Hi James, and for the coming MC8 Pro ?
Will its microprocessor be the same as the MC6 Pro 's one ?
Any idea for beg date for testing?
I am ready to replace my 2 MC8s as soon as MC8 Pro is on the road, because actually with MC6 Pro the number of Exp pedals has increased and it is good but I need more switches-presets/page. Open to any testing on MC8 Pro.

Yes, we are planning to use the same microprocessor, but we’re testing if it will be able to drive all the (larger) LCDs first. So far, no firm dates - we are currently getting the LCD test boards fabricated and assembled.

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