About the MC3/6/8 and ML10X stock situation

The global chip shortage has finally caught up with us. We’ve had our processor chips on order since March 2021 (and many more after that) that were initially scheduled to be delivered in June 2021, but the delivery have been repeatedly delayed and pushed back throughout 2021 and 2022. The currently estimated delivery date is now July 2023 and that is being optimistic. This is the reason why we were unable to stock our distributors and dealers for the later half of 2022.

For the MC6 and MC8, we’ve only got a handful of MC6s and MC8s left in stock.

For the ML10X, we’re still contemplating whether to switch processors or just wait for stocks to arrive. We are considering doing a lower cost ML5X focusing on only re-ordering capabilities and simplicity like the ML5.

On a brighter note, we’ve stocked up on a different processor that will get us through 2023. The MC6 PRO is expected to be ready early Feb, and we’ll have more information on that soon. A MC8 PRO is not in the works yet but is probable for end 2023 (maybe!).

We would like to take this chance to thank all of you for your support and fostering the community in this forum. We hope you had a great 2022 and we’re looking forward to hearing the awesome music you’re going to make in 2023!


Re: mc6 pro….Take my money!


MC8 shows “out of stock” on the website … any chance there’s one lying on a shelf somewhere that I can still snag? Ppppppleeeze!

I have been trying to buy an MC8 for months. I have an Ml10x that I was fortunate enough to get my hands on but desperate to get the controller for it. Just wondered what my chances were

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I have an MC8 and am desperately trying to get my hands on an ML10X! They don’t exist in Australia, it would seem. But with our powers combined… haha.

I got my Ml10x by the skin of my teeth, direct from the US. Can’t get them for love nor money. They go for double RRP when they (Rarely) come up on eBay. We could arrange some kind of joint custody scenario though I suspect the customs man will get the lions share out of the relationship, lol. I got an mc6 for controlling a boss looper and re tasked that for now so at least I got some control. Seriously though, if you ever think of selling :wink:

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@james - I’m sorry you have to deal with such shortages. That sounds incredibly frustrating. I am really hoping you find a way to make more ML10X in 2023 to save me from paying the ransom rates they go for now (if I could even find one).

LOL you get it on even months and I’ll take the odds. Yeah it’s basically unobtainable at this point. I posted on the FB Morningstar Users group, and instantly two people contacted me saying they had one for sale, but they weren’t charging nearly enough for them ($400 and $500 AUD) and both turned out to be scammers.

There’s a lot of scamming going on right now, many with fairly legit looking websites to back them up. I’ve started doing WHOIS web checks and company searches. It’s a dangerous time to have GAS

Thanks James for the update! :slight_smile: Will the ML5X have the option to switch the buffer on and off?

According to the Semiconductor Industry Association, demand growth (year-to-year) has dropped to single digits. Sales are still increasing for the semiconductor suppliers I track in the wireless space, but now relatively slowly, and profits have fallen. Economic uncertainty has led many suppliers to scale back their forecasts for 2023 as the risk of a global recession increases.

I don’t know which parts and specific suppliers are causing Morningstar issues, but it appears that supplies will improve this year for most parts. Whether we all have jobs and will be able to buy your products is another question!

Yes, I’ve also seen the news about Samsung profits falling drastically due to falling semiconductor demand. Hopefully the lead time for the required chips drop soon.

This is our first time experiencing this part of the cycle (crazy lead times) but I think we’re somewhat lucky to have lasted >1.5 years through this by keeping enough stock and scrambling for other sources for supply. We’re inclined to wait it out for the required processors to arrive . Hopefully we will have some updated news on supply by the end of this month.


That’s bad news.
I received my ml10x, but am still waiting for my mc6. The mc6 is on order, but back ordered from a local shop since October. Will you still ship mc6’s to dealers in Europe, or do I have to look for a plan B. Thanks for being open and keeping us informed!

No words about the MC3… Also to be expected for end 2023 ?

I would love an MC6 Pro! My eyesight has become an issue and the Pro looks to be a great, easy-to-use controller for my V2 Strymon El Capistan and DIG (Not to mention a Neunaber Illumine :-).

Will gladly send a downpayment! Please let me know

Hello everybody!

I’m new to the forum and the fact is, I learned about Morningstar only 3 days ago and got really excited. I’ve been building a Wet/Dry/Wet rig for the past year, doing research and collecting the necessary amps and pedals that I need in order to build a trippy and absolutely crushing guitar rig. And during all that time I’ve been thinking, reading and watching videos about Effect Loop Switchers, trying to decide which one to go with. I need a programmable switcher with the ability to change pedal order internally, route effects in parallel, control MIDI and… very important - have at least 3 stereo loops (preferably more) since I want to have all my wet effects in stereo through my two wet amps. But with the most reviewed and well known switchers on the market there was 3 things that kinda’ bothered me.

Number 1: The programming seem quite awkward and complicated and not very intuitive and user friendly. With all the apps that people carry around in their phones these days to basically manage anything and everything in their lives, creating an intuitive interface where you can program a switcher to arrange pedals in different orders should be quite simple. Especially for large companies like Boss/Roland.

Number 2: Why haven’t anyone made a switcher that is expandable? If you get a Boss ES-8 then you’re stuck using only 8 loops and only 2 of those are in stereo :face_with_raised_eyebrow: If you want more you need to sell it and buy something else. And if you want to make sure you have enough loops then as far as I know there’s only one switcher and that’s the SoundSculpture Switchblade GL and that thing costs a fortune, AND it’s a bulky rack unit that will be quite hard to incorporate onto your pedalboard. And besides, that thing is discontinued anyway so, you’d need to find a used one.

Number 3: Why haven’t any of these companies made a switcher that uses TRS for their loop ports to save space? That’s just weird.

The RJM PBC/6X looks promising but it’s also not expandable and their PBC10 doesn’t have a matrix that allows you to run parallel loops. So, what to do?

I simply typed in “stereo effect switcher” into Google, or something like that, and behold - the very first product I clicked on was the ML10X. Now what is this thing? Why haven’t I ever heard of it before? Why haven’t Mason Marangella made a video about this switcher? Or Dan & Mick from “That Pedal Show”? Or any of the other 100 YouTubers that constantly make videos about the latest and greatest gear? And why haven’t anyone on TheGearPage.com talked about it in all the threads about Effect Loop Switchers that I’ve been a participant in over the past year?

Anyway, I look forward to learning more about what seem to be a truly awesome product and I hope the people at Morningstar manage to solve the current processor chip situation and get more of these units out for sale so that I can get my hands on one A.S.A.P!

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Number 1 - As a new user of an MC6, you have to go the trial and error route. Not everything is clear. But, as you go it becomes clearer. These tools (the controller, the switcher, and midi programming editor) give YOU the option to use them how you want to. Not how Boss or someone else wants you to use their products.

Number 2 - I would guess because then you have to buy more expensive hardware from them. I plan on getting an ml5 and 10x eventually. It’ll cover everything I need. Not a gigging musician. Not a pro. I screw around for a few minutes here and there when I have time. It’s a hobby. But with these, I can rearrange order without wasting time and rewiring effort.

Number 3 - You’d have to ask them. They could be aiming for a middle of the road standard. Just a guess.

I can’t answer many more of your questions, but I would guess that as the others you mention have their own line of products they probably want to keep you in their own line.

As someone that got lucky and was able to recently get an MC6 I can only tell you to try one.

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I’m refreshing the Shop page every hour or so hoping to see a 6 come in stock. I saw the 8 come in stock for a couple of hours the other day, but it’s just a little too big for where I want to put it or else I would have pounced. I got GAS and I got the money. I can’t handle it. LOL.

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I’ve been doing that for a couple of weeks now. I’ve had 3 chances to buy an MC8 but I don’t have room on my pedalboard and I have a space carved out waiting for the MC6.

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A band mate just turned me onto Morningstar. I’m revamping one of my pedalboards and need a MIDI controller soon.

Please take my money for a MC6 Pro!