Ableton Session View - Need more banks OR 3 global switches for every song

Hello Everyone!

I’m looking for ideas, work arounds etc…

Short story… I use my MC6MK2 to control Ableton SESSION view for live performance.

The issue i’m having is having a dedicated switch that will control OUTRO of every song, so different CC# each press.

I need 50+ songs at the ready.

To do that i figure 2 songs per bank - one song per page is a good way to go… Both pages identical in setup just the song name changes and CC#s change for that song.

I was hoping to have a dedicated switch on my board like a BOSS FS5U to do the OUTRO… But the exp input wont work with the dual page setup… It will work on page 2, but not Page 1…

I have resided back to using switches C and I on the MC6 to do the job… But really was hoping to have a big single pedal away from the MC6 to avoid mis fires ( big feet ) when playing guitar and singing in the heat of battle.

Is a new setup so it keeps changing / evolving. Very interested to read and see how others are doing the Ableton Session View thing. Keen to hear any ideas!

Appreciate you time


After trial and error i’ve landed on 2 songs per bank… each bank / page identical, just the song changes every page.

Aux switch to scroll banks and toggle page. ( disabled A+B and B+C to scroll banks as i do occasionally accidentally hit B+C when going for C in a hurry…

Nice having a single button (C / I ) that is always Vs > Ch > Vs > Ch etc then a double tap for Outro.

I guess in a perfect world i just need the MC6 to Twice as wide. Or having tiny feet. :crazy_face::man_shrugging:t2:

Still keen to chat with anyone else doing this - see what else is out there / can be done.


Are you setting up a page for each song or just one page that controls many songs (e.g., intro VCVCVCC outro)? …And other different pages for other song structures?

Hi Angus,

What i have landed on is one page per song.

It started with every page having;

A&G) >Vs
B&H) Song Name & Key + launch intro scene
C&I) >Ch
D&J) Stop / Play
E&K) Stop / Bank jump to set
F&L) Bridge / Outro

I have been experimenting with using switch C&I to do everything via program scroll - launch intro ( in a shift state ), Vs, Ch, Vs2, Ch2, Bridge, Ch3, Outro for example. When do it this way i basically have a loop at the end of each scene so I can jam / chat to audience if want / need to. Not being locked to a specific song length is needed.

My main issue is really the size of the MC6… I’ve come from using a beat buddy for 100s of gigs and really like that workflow, one button to rule them all.

If there was a way to have one external switch / like a BOSSFS5U to control C&I of every bank ide be loving that.

And for my workflow, 60banks of 6 presets would work nice. For scrolling songs / bank and not having to look at long name / toggle pages.

But - no doubt this will evolve and change.

It’s sounding amazing - just not totally sold on the floor setup yet… Feels like there’s a better way to do it.