Ableton->MC6Pro->SL2Slicer Midi Clock Sync Problems


Beginners question but I tried researching it for a while and havent been able to resolve the issue:

I send Midi Clock from Ableton to my Mc6Pro via USB and then via the 3.5mm out to my SL2 Boss Slicer.

The Slicer syncs up with the bpm if I tap the bpm manually via the Tap Menu but it doesnt if Ableton sends MidiClock to my MC6pro. I want Ableton to control the bpm so having the MC6 as Master doesnt work for me.

I obviously dont quite understand how Midi Clock works if somebody could help me with this issue or point towards a Video/Text that explains it Id be very grateful.

Thank you!

Have you enabled MIDI Thru from the USB Device port to 3.5mm MIDI out? You need to do so as such:

Also make sure you have MIDI Clock port settings enabled for the 3.5mm port:

Also make sure that the Ignore MIDI Clock setting is not enabled.

All these can be found under Controller Settings > General Configuration

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Thank you very much!

It was actually a issue with the slicer.

I wasnt aware that the MidiClock only gets updated only everytime the BPM changes (I thought it gets updated on a regular intervall)

So if the Tempoknob on the slicer gets tweaked by accident it ruins the tempo.

Thank you!