Ableton - Looper - Multi Purpose Transport Button


Ableton Live 11
the Looper

I am trying make the Multi Purpose Transport Button (the big one) work with one MC8 switch. How do I best assign a switch of the MC8 to it?

The way I assigned it, the Multi Purpose Transport Button will jump back to its previous setting, it won’t stay after pressing the MC8 knob. Clicking with the mouse on it works.

Thank you!

Hi. Not sure which multipurpose button you are referring to. But this video could help you: (if you haven’t seen it yet)

It is the only multipurpose button in the Ableton Looper (maybe the only one in the Ableton Universe?..).

It is set to be operated with the mouse:

Click on it repeatedly and it changes from Record to Play to Overdub to Play to Overdub etc.

If you double click on it ist Stops.

If you click and hold it will Undo / Redo.

So: how to do this with one switch of the MC8? Cannot figure it out…

Preset → Action = Press → Type = Control change

CC # pick any number not used - CCvalue = 127 - Choose your midi channel

Save preset → Turn on midi map upper right in Ableton → Highlight the multi purpose button → Click with your MC8 preset button → turn off midi map

You should now be able to click double click and hold. (it’s a bit sketchy but does work when I tested.)

Reference info: Live Audio Effect Reference — Ableton Reference Manual Version 11 | Ableton

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Hi there,

I’m experiencing the exact same problem.

Ableton Live 11
Mac M1 16"

I assigned the Multi Purpose Transport Button to a midi message (tried both CC and Note).
The MC6 button is set to Press, Value 127. Upon pressing, the Looper starts. After the first loop is recorded, the Multi Purpose Transport Button turns into an overdub button. Upon pressing the MC6 button again, the Overdub function goes on, but only for about 6 beats, where as it should be toggling on and off.
I tried it with a mouse and a different midi controller (Arturia MiniLab mkII) and those both work. Interesting observation: When I changed the button on the Minilab from Gate to Toggle, the same problem appears. The MC6 is not set to toggle, however.

Would appreciate any advice/help! Thanks,


I have not tried it with 11 yet, but two years ago in 10 I basically made the Chewie II. However, I had to buy some inexpensive Max plugins to make the looper work:

I’m still using the Track Armer, but now I use an external Looper.

I’ll add that I spent many, many hours trying to find a non-Max solution including other looper plugins and creating my own Max plugs. This was a much easier solution, but there are other ways to do it. However, as I recall there is no way to get the Big Button to just work…Really silly!

I’m having the same problem, Ableton Live Intro 11.1, Morningstar MC-8. Midi does not play well with the multi-function looper plugin button in Ableton. Instead I mapped the keyboard key “r” and set my preset to send a keystroke. At first I thought it wasn’t working, but then I had to disconnect the editor software and it started working great. It does not send a press and hold keystroke though, so I’m going to try and figure that out next.

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As I recall, other functions can be easily mspoed to the smaller buttons, but I think Clear was difficult without Max.