Ableton Looper linked with Morningstar pedal?

Hello hello,

I’m thinking of getting a MC3 or maybe an MC6 but I’m not sure if I would be able to do what I want to do easily. I’m completely new to midi and use ableton.

Can you link the Morningstar pedal to Ableton’s looper device so that it imitates the a regular looper pedal? If so how? I’d like to map record, stop, overdub, in more than one looper device so I can layer things nicely.

Also, what about the delay?

Thank you for your help, I just want to better understand what I can do with a Morningstar pedal before any purchase

Hi! From this post that all looks to be possible.

Thank you, I read the whole thread and it made sense. But for a midi noob like me, how would this look like? Can you link the mc8 to the ableton’s looper device? I just want to make sure someone has done it and that I can replicate it before purchasing anything. Any screenshots or videos are welcome :slight_smile:

I’d suggest asking the folks in the other thread… but my guess is that a USB between MC and Mac would be all you need.

Have a search if the forum for “Ableton+USB”…. There’s a good few threads on Ableton I recall!

In fact here you go: a user connecting to Ableton on USB (side bonus - the MC8 can be powered over USB so need for external power for the MC!). Ignore the latency problem mentioned here though! Switch Latency on MC8

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