Ableton Live: no press AND press long possible?

do you have an idea what I have done wrong in the MC8 midi editor settings? I want to press one time for rec/play/overdub and a long press for clear track. Have really no clue what’s wrong here…

I don’t use Ableton so I’m not familiar with the CCs…but is CC2 127 Play and CC2 0 Stop?
edit I looked at the second screen shot and answered myself

If so, then you would want MSG 1 and 2 to both be Release and MSG 1 set to Pos:1 and MSG 2 set to Pos:2…then engage the Toggle Mode On button or assign another MSG with a Press - Toggle Preset - Pos: Both. What was happening is it was turning on when you Press and then turning off as soon as your foot is lifted to Release. Unless you intended to have to press the button the whole time you are recording.
If the CC for Clear Track is either CC3 127 or CC3 0 then you can just use one on a Long Press and set it to Pos:Both.
If you use Press and Long Press together they are not compatible, because the Long Press will trigger the Press also at it’s start. That is when you need to use a Release in place of Press.