Ableton live control send on selected track

I got a new MC6 a few days ago. Stunned by its power!

I am mapping control on ableton live and I wondered if there is a way to send a CC on a send on the selected channel only? I want to control send A over multiple tracks with one button sending midi waveform but only to the selected track and not to all of the tracks at once.
I hope this makes sense!

There is a M4L device called Futility that can map solo, arm, etc. to the selected track but it does not include the sends knobs.

ClyphX with the binding add on semms to to it but it’s not on ableton 11 yet.

Any thoughts?

Hi. This is probably more of an Ableton question and may be better addressed in an Ableton forum. You need to find out if there is a way for Ableton to respond to MIDI on a selected channel only.

I believe you already know that you can can set which MIDI channels you send your messages through with your Morningstar controller. So it’ll depend on whether Ableton can respond to MIDI on a selected channel only.