Ableton Live and MC8 Commands to Selected Tracks

Hi All,

I’ve gotten some basic functions of the MC8 working with Ableton, and have worked my way through the Morningstar youtube (The Best Ableton Foot Controller? - Morningstar MIDI Controller - YouTube) on Live. But some functions continue to cause problems. I know the basics of midi mapping in Live, but can’t find this particular feature in manuals or youtubes. Here goes:

On the clips pane, I would like to use one MC8 button to (toggle) arm/disarm the already selected track.

Also on the clips pane, I would like to use one MC8 button to (toggle) start record/stop record the already selected cell.

I can easily map a designated button to a designated track, but this would rapidly use up buttons. I would rather set up a context-sensitive method to select and record using the MC8. Any ideas, either at the MC8 level or at the Ableton Live midi mapping level?



Just following up with more info, I just looked over all of the Ableton Live Keyboard Shortcuts in the reference manual. None obviously led to goals I have described above. I may be misreading the keyboard shortcuts, or perhaps keyboard shortcuts is not the way to go. Any help would be appreciated.