Ableton launching presets

I have Ableton Live 11 running our show (Lights, waves, etc). Using a BOMEBOX I can get Ableton to send messages that are received by my MC3 which changes presets on my pedal board. I have discovered that a MIDI Clip with a PC change message in bank with actual bank (not 0 for bank 1 for example) can call the desired bank, but does anyone know if I need a separate clip to then engage a preset and for sure what the CC number is for preset A,B, & C? And then what the values are for press, Long Press, and Dbl tap? I tried the values in the dictionary but I think I am doing something wrong…

Hi. Can I first confirm that you have successfully sent a PC message from Ableton to the MC3 to change banks on the MC3?

I fixed it! I should post a video!

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