Ableton clips control?

Has anyone successfully mapped clips to play / record / stop / next clip?

Also, there seems to be a conflict between the web editor and Ableton which seems to need a restart of Ableton and a power cycle of the MC6 to recover. To say its frustrating is an understatement!

Nobody using it in Ableton or experiencing the bug?

Yes, there’s some sort of conflict with Ableton and the Editor, but we are not able to pinpoint the issue yet.

We’ll be releasing a video on using the controller with Ableton very soon, so hopefully you can find your answer in the video.

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It seems to grab ownership of the device and not let go! And then its a turn it off and back on again with all elements of the control path. It makes it a very long drawn out process to programme it.

In other news its triggering Mutable Instruments Yarns just fine. The programming flow is great. Pedalboard to Modular. Very nice.

I’ll look forward to the video and good luck in tracking the bug down. BTW is there still a seperate App I can use, rather than Chrome? And does that suffer the same issue?