Ability to split mono to stereo at output in simple mode

I have two ML10x. One of these I use for 10 mono loops and the other I use for 5 stereo loops.

I would like to be able to use Simple mode so that I can bypass loops with MIDI CC messages.

I believe that currently to go from the mono ML10x to the stereo ML10x and be able to use Simple mode that I would need to have an additional device (or perhaps a simple Y cable?) to split the output from the tip of the mono ML10x into two inputs (tip and ring) for the stereo ML10x.

It would be nice to have a selector in simple mode to have the option to split the output so an additional device is not needed. I realize that this would disable the second signal chain in simple mode that runs from the ring input to the ring output.

One potential solution.

If there are two mono pedals that you’re ok with running in parallel to each other, and there is one stereo pedal that supports mono in and you’re happy with always being at the front of the stereo chain, then you can swap them between your two ML10xs, so the stereo pedal is last in chain of the mono ml10x and outputs stereo to both outputs, and you run the mono pedals in parallel in a stereo loop.

Note that for this to work in simple mode the stereo pedal’s loop would always need to be active, so you’d ideally want it to be a midi capable pedal so you can turn it on or off with midi instead. This is because the MiSo routing of the pedal would only work if the loop is active.